• What is a linear actuator

    What is a linear actuator

    A linear actuator is an actuator that creates linear motion, in contrast to a conventional circular motion electric motor. Linear actuators are used in machine tools and industrial machinery, computer peripherals (such as disk drives and printers), valves and dampers, an...
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  • Use matters of electric lifting workbench

    Use matters of electric lifting workbench

    Today, the use of electric lift tables is more and more common, and these devices will be used in many industries and venues. The so-called electric lifting workbench is a device that the staff can move the lifting platform to other workplaces according to the controller...
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  • What is the working principle of the electric lifting column of the lifting table?

    What is the working principle of the electric lifting column of the lifting table?

    In fact, when it comes to electric lifting columns, there are many things to think about, whether it is basic knowledge or practical activities, it is even more inconvenient. The electric lifting column is one of the key components of the electric lifting platform. So follow Maidester today to ma...
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  • The essential difference between variable frequency electric actuators and electric actuators

    The essential difference between variable frequency electric actuators and electric actuators

    The functions of traditional electric actuators are relatively simple, and the basic functional design can be completed by using servo amplifiers and actuators, but intelligent electric actuators need to complete some relatively complex functions such as human-computer interaction, intelligent co...
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  • Pneumatic Actuator VS Electric Actuator, Take a Look

    Pneumatic Actuator VS Electric Actuator, Take a Look

    Pneumatic actuators vs electric actuators can seem confusing due to the technical differences between the two. Generally, electric actuators are known for their high precision, while pneumatic actuators are considered more cost-effective and easier to maintain. Each technology has its own advanta...
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  • DC 24V Linear Actuators’ Application in Electric Console Table

    This is basically our daily life, constant sitting in front or desk/table to work or study and lack of physical activity for 40+ hours per week. Apart from this aspect, get a break from sitting and stand are relative to improving moods and mindsets, as sitting for long will make you feel boring a...
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  • Electric Linear Actuator Application in Electric Lift Table

    Electric Linear Actuators, as the core component of electric lifting table, have realized one-button automatic lifting function through remote controller, make our life more convenient. Now, electric lifting tables are widely used in offices, classrooms, outdoor zero-time lectures, computer desk...
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  • Mirco Linear Actuator’s Application in Electric Sofa

    Electric sofa is based on the design of traditional sofa. It combines electronic information technology with mechanical control by using information technology, microelectronics technology, sensor technology, mechanical technology, intelligent control and so on. It achieves a variety of specific ...
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  • DC 12V/24V Electric Linear Actuators’ Application for Household

    The electric pusher window opener is an electric driving device which converts the rotational motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the pusher. It can be used as an executing machine in various simple or complex technological processes to achieve remote control, centralized ...
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  • Lifter’s Application in Mobile Display Lifting

    Mobile Display Lifting Bracket is specially developed for large size and heavy-duty displays. It is suitable for conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, railway stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping plazas, trade fairs and other places. It has a solid structure and convenient...
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  • Electric Lifter’s Application in Tatami Lifting Table

    Tatami usually has a small table on it, but when it is used as a rest, the conversion is not very convenient. With the emergence of tatatami elevator, this problem has been solved. On the basis of traditional tatatami, a lifting table is installed. When the tatatami lifting table is raised, it ...
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  • Electric Linear Motor’s Application in Furniture & Building

    Hoodland produces high performance components for Building gates, doors and furniture in class automation control, motors and etc. We has decades of experience in supplying technologically superior components that allow application flexibility while making your life more convenient. We also stre...
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